“Konkan is the land of devout people. The grandeur of the terrestrial culture of this land and the magnificent beauty of the land. The history here is equally interesting and valiant. This beautiful land has unique and unique importance to faith. That is why thousands of God & Goddess are standing here, his power, his mystery, the folklore and traditions of those areas are nothing but inauspicious”!

Our Hindu culture, which believes that God exists in the whole of existence. Let us call upon God to express himself and accept it. The custom of Malavani is to take a bold step and achieve success.

“How many temples in Sindhudurg should it really be the issue of discussion..”


Wagheshwar is the Heavenly divine of Tondavali village. There is a self-sacrificing Shivling in the temple of Wagheshwar. There is a dense forest surrounding this temple at the foot of the hill and around the village. The villagers have seen that the tiger and leopards come in peace in the inner house of the Wagheshwar temple. Earlier, the tigers used to come regularly in the temple. It was as if he had the right place. This place was known as ‘Shri Dev Wagheshwar’, who came to the temple to roam the tiger. Tiger is worshiped in every house of the village. Tondavali, who worshiped the Tiger and loved the tigers, is the only village in the state.

Near the Wagheshwar temple there are two samadhi of the tiger. The tigers are common in this village and there is no such example that Tigers attacked the people till date. The people of this village have faith in the belief that Wagheshwar is the guardian of this village. Even today, all the works, transactions and festivals are celebrated in the village by believing in Wagheshwar. Along with the tiger and the other wild animals, other wild animals also look like Naadi.


The oldest sculpture of the rare stone prototype of architecture in the ancient Stone Age near the Wagheshwar temple is the Waghobachi Dhol. It is made up of a depth Laterite Stone / Chira Stone between 25 to 30 feet high and 20 to 25 feet wide. Even today, the sculpted buildings bear witness to ancient architecture.